Hello TWBC Members,

The League of American Bicyclists recently wrote about local clubs “Aging Out” and having a difficult time attracting younger members. Well, unfortunately your TWBC club is having the same issue. While we still have many active riders on our weekly rides, we currently have no President or Vice President and several board members who are also ready to retire.

For a long time TWBC has been an active vibrant club, hosting many rides while keeping Bicycle Advocacy as a main objective. We have supported many like minded groups such as Forever Green Trails, Foothills Rails to Trails coalition, Bikes for Kids, 2ND Cycle, Downtown on the Go just to name a few.

We now are at a point where we need to make a decision about the future of TWBC.

The board and others have identified four possible paths in moving forward.

  1. Do Nothing and hope things change. Status Quo.
  2. Continue as a riding club, continue Advocacy, and continue contributions to like-minded groups as part of our non-profit Charitable status.
  3. Seek a merger partner (possibly Cascade) which in reality means being acquired.
  4. Dissolve the club. Recognize that we do not have the leadership to continue and its appropriate to “close the door”.

We have Two General Meetings scheduled to hear your ideas and opinions.

  • 1stMeeting; Tuesday, October 22nd from 6:00 to 7:30 pm
  • 2ndMeeting Tuesday November 19th from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Both meetings will be held at the Wheelock Library located at 3722 North 26th Street, Tacoma

We hope to see you there!

Your TWBC Board

NOTE: Only current club members will have input into the discussion making process.